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Vailankanni church Uttan

This is a Holy Shrine of ‘Our Lady of Velankanni’. It’s a miraculous place and lots of people of different caste & creed visit this shrine. It is built on a hillock and is one of the most visited, spacious and beautiful picturesque places in Uttan. The new look has been given to the church. During low tides, one can walk from Bhatia Beach to Gorai Beach.


Gorai Beach

The Gorai beach is rather tranquil and peaceful. Every few kilometers you would find the place spotted with shacks. The beach is a site for fun and frolic for all. At the first light of the sun, you would see the fisherman going about to their work. The whole day, the beach would be visited by different groups who run about in the golden sands and play in the clear waters. At night, those solitary shacks turn into party spots and the music is played into the night.


Essel World

Essel world amusement park is located in Gorai. There are many rides here that are thrilling and a sure delight. The park is famous for its Water kingdom that has many fun rides. The amusement park stretches over an area of about 64 acres. The park is one of the best in India. It holds this prestigious rank from the year it was inaugurated that is in 1989. The amusement park is a location for fun and buffoonery for the young ones.


Pagoda Temple

Gorai houses the Global Vipassana Pagoda. The Vipassana Centre allows people to meditate and find a path of self-actualization. Vipassana helps an individual internalize one’s senses and control breathing. This not only helps increase concentration but also helps one resolve inner conflicts and turmoil. Vipassana is an art that is being passed down for years and has been preserved in this Vipassana center that is one amongst the many that are located in various parts of India as also the world.